SI Geofoam in Mumbai

EPS Geofoam

a superior ultra-lightweight filling material used in building and road construction


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Geofoam is a geotechnical material,  being used in construction activities in US, Japan and European Countries since 1970s. Its application in the construction and infrastructure industry is picking up in India.


EPS Geofoam is approximately 1% the weight of soil and less than 10% the weight of other lightweight fill alternatives, making it a superior, ultra-lightweight fill material that significantly reduces the stress on underlying and abutting subgrades.


The use of EPS Geofoam typically translates into benefits like lower construction costs and faster construction schedules because it is easy to handle during construction, often without the need for special equipment. In addition, EPS Geofoam can be easily cut and shaped on a project site, which further reduces onsite challenges.


Its service life is comparable to other construction materials and it will retain its physical properties under engineered conditions of use. EPS Geofoam is produced in blocks that can be cut into various shapes and sizes. As an engineered product, it can be produced to obtain the required compressive resistance.

Product Overview for EPS SI Geofoam


Physical Properties of EPS Geofoam as per ASTM D6817

Note: The kg/ figures have been converted based on kPa figures specified  by ASTM D6817. Conversion Factor: 1 kPa = 101.97 kg/



Stadium & Theatre Seating
Geofoam for Elevation and Decorative Columns
Void Filling
Application of Geofoam for Foundation Filling
Application of Geofoam for Landscaping Sunstructure
Application of Geofoam for Podium Filling


Road Construction & Widening
Airport Runway and Taxiway
Rail Embankment
Bridge Abutment & Underfill
Retaining Wall Backfill
Slope Stabilization
Culverts, Piplelines and Buried Structures


Schematic illustrations of applications of EPS Geofoam:

EPS Geoblocks Landscaping
Rail Embankment EPS Geofoam
Repairing Levees using EPS Geofoam

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Live illustrations of applications of EPS Geofoam:

Geoblocks in Construction
Geofoam in Construction
Geofoam in Construction

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Material qualities of EPS Geofoam blocks

EPS Density

• Compressive Strength

• Flame Resistance

• Moisture Absorption

• Chemical Resistance

Design aspects of Geofoam

• Design Methodology

• Allowable Stress

• Concentrated Loads

• Drainage / Buoyancy

• Seismic Loadings

• Stability of Adjacent Ground

• Settlement

• Load Bearing Capacity

• Pavement Design

Construction of Geoblocks

• Bedding Material

• Compaction

• Handling

• Block Dimensions

• Block Layout and Placement

Quality Control

• Specifications

• Testing and Sampling

• Inspection








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